Blissful News

When I started Southern Bliss Designs, I brought together commitment and passion and went full force.  I always say that I love what I do, but the coolest part is when others love it too.  Here are a few moments of bliss.  I hope y'all enjoy.


Greenville News: 2/2/2017

"In 2016, after a failed relationship, Tausha Wallace could have turned inward. She could have succumbed to depression. Instead, she chose to create.

The speed at which she turned her trials to triumph is nothing short of remarkable....."


Country living magazine

Anyone who knows me, knows that Country Living has been my soul.  These features brought Southern Bliss dreams to reality and continue to be the heartbeat of this little business.


WSPA news 

There is nothing like a feature that's right from home.  WSPA shows support to many vendors and I'm beyond grateful to them for supporting Southern Bliss Designs.